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The Big? East

Posted on: October 27, 2008 6:05 pm

I'm beginning to wonder whether the Big East actually deserves an automatic bid to the BCS. First off, the conference only has eight teams and one of those is the almighty Syracuse. This means they play fewer conference games along with no championship game. Furthermore it lost its two best teams a few years ago and what did they do? They incorporate a few Conference USA teams, wow. Take a look at the teams in the conference. West Virginia is the only legitimate team which could contend in another BCS conference and they are in a little bit of a funk right now under Bill Stewart. I would like to include South Florida in that conversation, but they are fading at the moment. The entire rest of the conference just are not football powers right now and who knows when they will be. I say all this becuase the BCS bowl prediction for the Big East on this website has been a virtual merry-go-round with all the different teams who have been predicted as champion at some point this season. And don't mention the word parity. It only applies to when you beat the heck out of each other but still beat everyone else. That's not happening. West Virginia lost to Colorado for goodness sake.

Once again I am bringing up the fact the Big East only has EIGHT teams. That makes it tied for the smallest conference in D I-A, I mean FBS, with the Sun Belt, scary competition right there. Since West Virginia in the future being the only team with a realistic shot at a national title, this sets up a sad scenario for the rest of the conference. A team could realistically play five cupcakes in the non-conference (why not? it won't matter otherwise Syracuse) and then make a run through the mediocre conference schedule. Now West Virginia and maybe South Florida would be your only obstacles would you might upset one cause their play is so unpredictable and then someone else could upset the team you couldn't beat. And there you have it. A team who has beaten absulutely no one in a conference who has almost absolutely no one in a BCS game. In the mean time other conferences with superior teams, some who aren't even in the BCS, are left to some crap bowl. Which begs the question, what to do about this problem? I'll tell you.

When it comes time to renew contracts and all that good stuff, leave the Big East out of it. This leaves several alternatives which you could work with and would actually work better.

1. Have a standard that if any conference, not just the Big East, meet which if they didn't they lose their automatic spot. This is pretty self-explainatory: more competativeness is better. Have it where they have to finish in the top 15 or 16 or something. This is the cut off for a mid-major to get an automatic birth so why not just have them take their spot altogether.

2. Leave the slot open for another at large bid. Why not? Miami has won the most BCS games for the conference and their dying in the ACC now. West Virginia has won a couple but is a question mark right now, especially after Pat White graduates. Louisville won one but that was after Wake Forest. Which begs the question, "What does the Big East offer that another BCS or non-BCS doesn't?". I'll let you decide that one. This would just be another opportunity for a quality team to get a shot at the big show. If the Big East has a quality team worthy of the BCS then they should have no problem getting this spot.

3. Give their automatic spot to the top non-BCS qualifier. Keep the top 16 rule but say they don't have to finish above a BCS champion. This should appease everyone since the middies have an excellent shot each year of getting in, and the big boys will be happy because it ensures the team is deserving.

4. Flat out give their spot to a more competative conference from the mid-majors. The Mountain West has three team inside the top 17 and two challanging for a BCS spot. What does the Big East have? One team at the back of the polls who is next to last in the conference. The top four in the Mountain West all have better than or equal to records as the entire Big East. Utah, the first mid-major to appear in and the first to win a BCS game, is in the running again this year. And who did they beat during their magical year? O yeah, the Big East Champion Pittsburgh. So why not the Mountain West? The WAC could get a shot too. Boise State is undefeated again this year and who can forget the best game not involving a team named Alabama from two years ago. Hawaii made an appearance in the BCS last year as well. So once again, why not the WAC?

5. Finally in what might be the most intriguing idea- have that elusive plus system we've all been wanting. This could have come in handy the year Auburn went undefeated yet was denied a title shot. This was also the year that lousy Pitt team lost to Utah in one of the lowest rated BCS games ever. We could have taken the Big East game and replaced it with the Auburn vs. USC. That could have solved a problem and set a precendent everyone could have agreed on.

There you have it. My solution for (Not So)Big East and possibly to the BCS in general.

Don't laugh ACC, this could be you soon. Virginia is leading a division? Seriously?

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